fire galvanizing analysis cooling lubricant prices

Services for fire galvanizing plants

Analysis of acid and water pools:

  • Density in g/ ml
  • Acid in g/ l and %
  • Iron in g/ l
  • Zinc in g/ l

Analysis of river basin resources:

  • density in Be and g/ml
  • PH
  • Iron in g/ l
  • Zinc in g/ l => zinc chloride in g/ l
  • Ammonium in g/ l => ammonium chloride in g/l
  • Overall salinity in g/ l and %
  • Ratio ZnCl2 to NH4Cl in %

Analysis alkal. degreasing:

  • PH
  • surface tension in mN/ m
  • NaOH concentration in g/ l

Delivery of the results:

Usually within 24 hours after sample reception by fax or e- mail


Free provision of styrofoam containers, the current standard for dangerous goods incl. sample bottles.

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Hot- dip galvanizing

  • Analysis fluxbath separately: 25,-€/ test
  • Analysis fluxbath, acid, water, alk. degreasing: 23,-€/ test
* Pricing depends on number of tests and required efforts.

Further analysis on request

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