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"The quality of the analysis is a key competitive advantage for galvanizers in their daily business."

Welcome to B&G Laborservice- your partner for zinc bath analysis!


In a world where quality and efficiency of production processes are of paramount importance, it is essential to closely monitor the performance and composition of your zinc baths.

At B&G Laborservice, we understand the critical role that zinc baths play in various industries, whether it's metalworking, surface coating or other applications.

As a specialized laboratory for zinc bath analysis, we offer comprehensive solutions to optimize the quality, composition and performance of your zinc baths.

Our highly qualified team has many years of experience in zinc bath analysis and uses state-of-the-art analytical methods to provide you with accurate and reliable results.

At B&G Lab Services, we offer a wide range of services to meet your specific needs.

From regular monitoring and analysis of your zinc baths to the identification of impurities - we are at your side with customized solutions.

We analyze for you the concentration of zinc and other important elements, monitor the pH value, surface tension and ammonium content.

We use advanced analytical equipment to ensure accurate and reproducible results.

Our rapid analysis results allow you to react promptly to problems and improve the quality of your zinc baths.

We understand that every customer has unique requirements. That's why we work closely with you to develop customized solutions that meet your specific needs.

Our services are characterized not only by high quality and accuracy, but also by our fast response time and personal customer service.

Rely on B&G Lab Services to optimize the performance of your zinc baths and improve your production processes.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.


How we offer true added value to your company:

You can rely on:

Whether you need a comprehensive analysis of your samples, want to solve complex analytical problems or are simply looking for quality assurance support - we are your trusted partner.

We look forward to working with you and assisting you with your analytical challenges.

1. Analysis of the acid & water basins

Analysis of the density, iron, acid & zinc contents of your plant 

2. Analysis of the flux pools

Measurement of density, pH value, iron, zinc, ammonium & total salt content

3. Analysis of alkaline degreasing

Measurement of pH value, surface tension & NaOH concentration

Analyses & Examinations

Analyses for pretreatment plants

Regular wet chemical analyses at pretreatment plants for hot-dip galvanizing plants are requiredto ensure the quality of the galvanizing processes and to achieve optimum coating results.


Quality assurance Through regular analysis, you can monitor the effectiveness of your pretreatment equipment and ensure that it meets the required quality standards. You can monitor the composition of the baths, such as the concentration of the various pretreatment chemicals, to ensure that they are within the prescribed limits.



Process optimization Wet chemical analyses provide you with important information about the condition of your pretreatment plants. They enable you to identify problems such as insufficient cleaning, impurities or changes in chemical composition at an early stage. Regular monitoring allows you to address these issues and optimize the process to ensure consistent, high-quality pretreatment.



Coating quality: Proper pretreatment is critical to the adhesion and durability of the galvanized coating. By analyzing your pretreatment chemistry, you can ensure that coatings meet the necessary quality requirements. You can identify impurities that could affect coating adhesion and take steps to minimize them.



Cost optimization: Through regular analysis, you can improve the efficiency of your pretreatment equipment and reduce unnecessary costs. By monitoring chemical concentrations, you can ensure that you only use the required amount of chemicals to achieve optimal results. This helps you minimize consumption and disposal costs.




Environmental protection: 

By closely monitoring pretreatment chemistry, you can ensure that no excessive or harmful chemicals are released into the environment. You can minimize environmental impacts with the best assurance that your operation complies with environmental regulations and standards.

In summary, regular wet chemical analysis on pretreatment lines for hot-dip galvanizing plants can help you to ensure the quality of galvanizing processes, optimize processes, ensure coating quality, optimize costs and promote environmental protection. It's an investment that pays off in the long run in the form of improved coating results and more efficient operations.

Analyses for flux baths

Regularly performing analyses of flux baths in galvanizing plants offers you a wide range of benefits: 


Quality Control: Fluxes play a crucial role in the galvanizing process by creating a clean surface and promoting adhesion of the zinc to the workpiece. Through regular analysis, galvanizing plants can monitor the quality of their fluxes and ensure that they meet the required standards. This enables consistent, high-quality galvanizing and ensures that coatings have the desired properties.


Process optimization By analyzing the flux baths, galvanizing plants can monitor the condition of the baths and identify potential problems at an early stage. This makes it possible to optimize process parameters such as flux chemical concentration, pH and temperature. Accurate control of these parameters helps improve process efficiency, prevent coating defects and reduce scrap rates.


Extending the life of the flux baths: Regular analyses enable galvanizing plants to extend the service life of their flux baths. Close monitoring of chemical composition and contamination allows timely action to be taken to clean the flux baths or refresh the flux chemicals. This reduces the need for frequent replacement of the baths and lowers the cost of operation.


Regulatory and environmental compliance: By analyzing the flux baths, galvanizing plants can ensure that they comply with applicable regulations and environmental standards. This relates in particular to the control of heavy metals and other potentially environmentally harmful substances in the flux baths. Regular monitoring ensures compliance with legal requirements and contributes to environmental protection.


Customer satisfaction and competitiveness: Reliable quality control and process optimization through regular analysis of the flux baths leads to high customer satisfaction. By maintaining consistent product quality and meeting customer expectations, galvanizing plants can strengthen their competitiveness and gain the trust of their customers.


In summary, regular analysis of flux baths in galvanizing plants enables quality control, process optimization, extension of bath life, compliance with regulations and environmental aspects, as well as increasing customer satisfaction and competitiveness. It is a necessary measure to ensure high quality and efficient galvanizing and to ensure the success of the company in the long term.

"We provide a comprehensive service to our customers, giving you a quick and detailed insight into your production quality."

Eduard Rudi, General Manager 



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